Brett BeGole leads GE Appliances’ Product Management team, which focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative products with enhanced quality and performance. He is responsiblefor GE Appliances’ full line of kitchen and laundry product offerings. In addition to product management, his responsibilities include GE International Appliance operations, product fulfillment, customer insights and industrial design organizations.

Brett holds a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and an MBA from Ohio State University.  He also studied engineering at Rhineland-Westphalian Technical University (RWTU) in Aachen, Germany.

Brett has 27 years of GE experience in product management, sales, business development and sourcing. He has worked in both long- and short-cycle GE businesses including Energy, Aviation, Transportation and Appliances & Lighting. Some of Brett’s past positions include President of GE Home Electric Products, General Manager, Business Development for GE Aviation and President of Sales and Business Development for GE Energy’s Reuter Stokes.

In his previous role at GE Transportation, Brett led GE’s Global Locomotive Operations where he focused on growing GE’s locomotive business into new regions such as South Africa, Kazakhstan and Turkey. He has worked extensively with customers, suppliers and team members in countries such as China, Brazil, South Africa, India, Egypt, Turkey, U.K. and Australia.

Brett is on the Board of Directors of Mabe appliances, Mexico City, Mexico. He is a graduate of GE’s Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP).

Brett resides in Louisville, Kentucky.