Louisville, Ky.—September 4, 2014FirstBuild, a new model for the appliance industry, today announces that it has joined the AllSeen Alliance, a nonprofit consortium dedicated to enabling the widespread adoption of products, systems and services that support the Internet of Things (IoT) through open development. Other members of the Alliance include notable brands such as Local Motors, HTC and Cisco.

As a newly minted member of this vibrant ecosystem, FirstBuild will debut its first product at the organization’s AT&T Car + Home Hackathon in Las Vegas on Sept. 6 – 7. Called Green Bean, the open-source maker module enables the customization of certain models of GE refrigerators and other appliances with a Software Developers Kit (SDK) that grants users the ability to reprogram their appliances. During the two-day event, FirstBuild will challenge programmers and hardware hackers alike to envision new uses and alternate applications of today’s GE appliances using Green Bean. For more information, visit www.firstbuild.com.

Green Bean is an open-source maker module that enables the customization of certain models of GE appliances with an SDK that grants users the ability to reprogram their appliances.

“The vision of FirstBuild is to bring the concept of open hardware innovation to appliances,” said Venkat Venkatakrishnan, director of FirstBuild. “Joining the AllSeen Alliance and jumping right into the AT&T Car + Home Hackathon with Green Bean is an exciting first step in turning that vision into reality.”

“It is very exciting to have FirstBuild join Local Motors, AT&T and others in the AllSeen Alliance,” said Joe Speed, director of Internet of Things at The Linux Foundation, where he leads IoT strategy and collaboration through AllSeen Alliance. “We are looking forward to collaborating on innovative experiences for home appliances. I personally cannot wait to see Green Bean in action.”

The AllSeen Alliance is a thriving technical community that perfectly complements the FirstBuild Community of makers, engineers and designers. For more information on the AT&T Car + Home Hackathon, visit http://attcarhomehackathon.com/.

FirstBuild invites the community of industrial designers, scientists, engineers, makers and early adopters to share ideas for major home appliances. Visit FirstBuild.com to join the FirstBuild community.

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FirstBuild is a new model of innovation in the appliance industry. A partnership between GE Appliances and Local Motors, FirstBuild is a community of industrial designers, scientists, engineers, makers and early adopters that come together to co-create and tackle some of the toughest engineering challenges and innovation. The best and most promising ideas are then brought to life at the FirstBuild Microfactory, which provides the infrastructure for innovation using rapid product introduction and iteration. FirstBuild is pioneering the future of work with a new model for inventing, building and bringing the next generation of major appliances to the market. Learn more at FirstBuild.com.

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